The benefits for the technology holders

ILI has identified five key leverages to enhance benefits for technology owners and has created strategies to optimize and harness these benefits of impact licensing for the technology owner 

Enhanced value creation by generating measurable social impact at scale
  • Demonstrating that technologies have also a societal impact besides the economic rational can highlight the sustainable growth strategy of the technology holder
  • ILI develops and implements a data strategy to measure the societal impact of the technology and develops a sensible strategy of impact data sharing
Higher perceptive evaluation of the value of the assets of the technology owner
  • ILI develops novel applications of a given technology by implementing it in societal markets. The increase of societal value creation of a certain technology can influence positively the asset evaluation of a technology for the technology owner as investors gain a better understanding of the potential of the technology.
  • ILI will capture key output and outcome indicators that can strengthen the value of the assets for the technology owner (total cost, maintenance, use, customer feedback..)
Novel learnings and insights
  • • The transfer of technologies to unexplored markets can be a leverage for market exploration and (reversed) innovation. Often the implementation of these technology requires further technology adaptation/innovation and radical other business models. The technology owner can obtain the IP rights on these novel insight for their core markets..
  • ILI drafts the appropriate IP licensing terms that specifies how the technology holder can benefit from the collected data and know-how generated by the impact licensing project
Better access to (impact-driven) resources
  • The creation of social impact licensing can attract (impact) investors, (venture) philanthropist and government subsidies to resource further research and innovation for a technology.
  • Impact licensing can be a clever way to raise funding for further R&D and can ensure investors in R&D that the technologies will be used in an impactful way. ILI co-develops with the technology owners funding strategies to finance further R&D
Better reputational positioning
  • The creation of societal value can be a driver for intrinsic motivation of personal (HR), customers, stakeholders and shareholders.
  • ILI takes in account the demands of technology owners(s) and create concrete actions to (actively) involve these actors in the co-creation process.